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kranic 08-24-2010 01:50 PM

cr123a vr 18650 for o-like 50mw laser
o-like's 50mw laser is capable of taking either a cr123a or 18650 battery. im not sure what kind would be better. also i want to buy a charger and rechargeable battery or what ever one is best. Looking on Dealextreme. anyone have any idea's? im pretty stuck.

qumefox 08-24-2010 03:24 PM

Re: cr123a vr 18650 for o-like 50mw laser
18650's will have a MUCH longer runtime than cr123's. As far as chargers, get an ultrafire wf-139. they're cheap, and will charge just about any 3.7v li-ion battery from 16430's (rechargeable cr123's) to 18650's.

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