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Hey do you remember what thread you made when you tested xwoosies 5a driver years ago?
MMMMMMmmmm…. ??? His 5A Boost drive ???? See in my sig...link to " Supercar " build !! Tat s the build I used it on ! It was experimental....but it works !! Bob
I got sigs disabled. I'll have to reenable after I figure it out again cause I forgot haha. I messaged him on ebay if he could make a round driver and he has interest in it. Mentioned his experimental 5a driver too. I hope he makes them available. We need to get people to show interest and we could have potentially amazing drivers again when lazeerer was around.
Hey there, I’m looking for someone to sell me a laser with at least 700mw of power. I live in the U.S., do you think you could help me out? Thanks.
Hi yes I can are you at least 18 yrs old and what is your budget
This will narrow it down a bit
Yeah I’m 18 and would like to keep it under $80
hey Josh! im so glad to be back here. and glad to see youre still here :)
Yeah, it’s been a while. I started to lose interest out of frustration from losing my previous email and other passwords.
😫. All resolved. Cheers bro!!
Strong possibility I’ll be in OK some time in Mar. 😁
oh that sucks when that happens :O
yeah well when you do we absolutely have to meet up for sure bro! I got a new toy thanks to my dad. I got the Ruger SR1911 .45 its bad ass! I knew you liked guns so I thought I would tell you :)