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Hello everyone, after 3 years of sayin nothing, I'm finally alive! I plan to do reviews on all of my lasers and that's gonna be awesome! Also I have a question: for my next laser, im planning on getting the JETlasers PLE-pro 1.4W 465nm. Is that a good one??
Just FYI you made this post on your own profile, no one is going to see it.
If you have a question that you are not sure should be asked in open forum.. I may be able to help.
or can direct you to another vet who may know more../. while I can never be an expert on everything I DO know those that are experts on most things.

have a good 2019

btw are you going to give up your zip code??
lol Jkidding..

77422 lol
I have lots of dumb questions and maybe a couple of good ones! I will think a little more and post, or maybe just ask you.
Zip code is a closely guarded secret (not). i will add, and see who is in my area (Thousand Oaks).