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Wanting a multi-laser set up. Would be applied directly to the skin. I'm aware of the safety concerns with eyes when using lasers.

o 5 to 6 lasers ~630nm peferred, if not then 650nm
o At least 100mw each laser. 150mw preferred, IF it'd be safe to be used on skin without injury.
o Managable heat when used for less than 20 mins continuous

How much would this cost, how long would it take to complete ?
LPF cannot advise on any applications that involve lasers being used on the human body.
Using non-medical endorsed products by inexperienced operators has a huge potential for disaster.
Keep in mind that PL is the lasershow forum-- not much there about handheld or DYI them--
NOT doing that might backfire on you. I would not even list HHs in my sig--no point-
WHAT LPM do you have?

i could make you an offer of a great LPM and $100cash?
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Sure! It is more than just the laser, it is voltage controllers and power strip and 4 ac adapters all self contained in box. But the laser itself is this one- but on the device it says w2000 so I’m not sure if it may be a 2W model.
Other parts I bought on amazon, links in description of the YouTube video I posted. I think they cost me around $65. So total I spent on it was $220 plus tax which is about $13 here in Michigan. I asked $270 because of time spent assembling voltage controllers, wiring the whole thing and putting together in the box, plus the costs of shipping which I imagine to be around $20.
The other reason I suspect it may be 2W is that the green which says 120mW 520nm seems brighter than my 150mW 532nm CNI pen . Could just be my eyes misjudging it though as I don’t have the lpm to confirm any of my lasers output :)
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