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hello everyone, I have a question,, I'm relatively new to laser pointers....but I bought one through an acquaintance and likes it a toy,,I have a laser pointer model Gatling 21 cm this appears to have a plastic lens and problem is that at a long distance I don't have a dot but more of a rectangle ,,now I've read a few things on this forum ,,,but somewhat confusing,, So my question is ; which lens do you recommend for
That is using a multimode diode so it will never have perfect beam
quality so it will never be a perfect circle/dot without any special beam correction optics. Also please get safety glasses from a reputable
source while using the laser, one mistake can permanently blind you
ok thanks for the advice,, but im getting back to my question: because it comes with a plastic lens as standard...... isn't it always an improvement with a glass lens ?? a G2 or G7 (I'm told)
Unown (WILD)
Unown (WILD)
Yes glass is always an improvement. That's obvious
I shot my smoke machine in the yard 3 times at 3 am, playing with my lasers. It puffed so good, I make my own juice, it looked like a fire rolling down the street on the other side of the house. I live on a main street, lmfao. WAS SO FREAKING SWEET!!! TURNS OUT THERE WERE PEOPLE UP, AN THEY SEEN IT!!!
When you are playing with night vision, look down so you don't trip and break your IR laser. Just saying, :(
Ears and Eggs
Ears and Eggs
Geez, that sucks, RIP IR laser. :cry: Reminds me of when LPF member daguin fell down the stairs with a big frame whitelight ArKr (it smashed to smithereens). 😢
Commander J. Bloodmaker
Commander J. Bloodmaker
I'm going to take it apart and see if I can fix it. I really liked that little torch. was fun to run around in the basement pitch black. Or close all the curtains and hunt my kitty at night. lol. She couldn't see as good as me, bwuahahahhahaha. Was one sweet torch light.