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Podo, can the Challenger II be had with a smooth body host (Like the silver) ?
Hello Zippersnapper, our silver laser(smooth housing) is basically the challenger II with smooth body if you remove one of its battery extension tube.
8 cells 18650 or 2 pcs 4 cell 18650--power packs.& get my batts free--. EZ plug/ unplug and recharging built in.. so about 14 vdc to use for laser and fan. had AC plug- got 2 from AixiZ housecleaning--one still works.
I'll take pics & show you optics I got w/o info.. I need to use any that work for me and sell the rest--lots of mounts too.
The 'OPT" laser you use ?? in Poland?
or UK?

-the one in China owes me two pcs yellow and orange mini lab lasers-- wants to refund me w/ products.
yeah-- they don't make optics like Opt does.. not cheap either.
going dual may be more than I can handle- I want to use active cooling--fan at first --TEC only if needed. I will run them lower than you do.
I have both 8 cells 18650 or 2 pcs 4 cell 18650--
How much are you willing to pay for Titan?
Make me an offer
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I don't know if I could ever use it, not sure what it's function is, so that means I can't pay much at all. You would be better off listing it on ebay, someone there might know what it is, or need it for a replacement in their own system and pay what it is worth.