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  • not sure if this is the PM for messages, but am interested in the Mitsubishi 638nm 2.5W red laser diode/double laser twin beam, driver and power requirements. Thanks.
    Hello I posted here awhile back with some questions and was told by you and others who vouched for you that you repair lasers!!! I know basic care of lasers but this one lights up but very very dim I bought it from a seller on ebay years ago and it broke, I mailed it to him and he repaired it and sent it back, it broke again.

    I did not even keep it on for more than 10 to 15 seconds!! So I would like to propose this.

    I mail you my laser, you look at it, give me a price to fix it. IF the price is too high or its not worth it than I would rather you keep it , use it for parts and sell me a working laser. The guy I bought it off of was nice enough but he was also drunk when we spoke on the phone plus he was always putting me off despite having paid him via paypal.

    Anyways if you are interested my email is shivelybanetek@gmail.com and I thank you for your time.
    Hi, I heard you make custom hosts and am interested. Are you able to anodized? Also, is titanium a suitable host material seeing as it is not very conductive and power needs to flow from the tailcap to the driver?
    Hey rich i meant to ask what lense this is that came with the laser you sent me? I have a 3 element and it definitely has a better beam profile then the one that came with but i was looking around and was considering a g7 do you have any recommendations?
    239-333-8739 shoot me a text and i can send you pics of my Ophir 20c and also if you could send me some pics of your builds that would be awesome im a little rusty so im re learning how to navigate lpf
    How much would it cost to commision you to make something like Pl-e pro/mini? Also are you able to put locks in your lasers? Finally, can i have you make a laser instead of just buying the host?
    Do you happen to have any of those beautiful hosts left? If so, could you PM me the price? I'd like to build a 4W 470nm pointer with it.
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