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Marco Polo
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  • Hi Marco i am in a hurry because I need urgently to buy the lasers (raimbow, RED, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET, YELLOW) that you have in one of your posts (form 07/22/2013), the pictures were taken in the forest.

    Please tell me where can I buy those lasers, I really need them very urgently.

    you can reply to me to julian.pineros@hotmail.com or jpineros@sf.com.co

    Thank you for your time.
    You may notice I have - rep'd you again--- please stop making threads bashing, complaining about, or otherwise hurting the hard-earned reputation of sellers (SFL, survival lasers, etc). They have worked hard to get where they are today, and we as a forum don't want newcomers seeing things like that and deciding to buy from one of the myriad of chinese sites instead.

    Don't take it personally, I have nothing against you- just keep this in mind before posting :)

    Edit: and the first neg rep I gave you was an accident, I meant to give that to "Blarg King". You both have somewhat similar avatars, I just gave it to the wrong person...SO my mistake there. And this corresponds to my recent neg- I mistook you for blarg king, like I said- so no, you arent the one that posts "Durr I put battery in wrong, company [x] sucks." So, basically both neg's are mistakes- If you really care that much about it ill + when I can...I would hope you don't take it that seriously, though.
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