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  • Paid, thanks again for holding and shipping on or about 6/29 looking forward to my new addition to my collection! Thanks again bob mc. Also what would the duty cycle be? Do you need me to give you my address or can you take it off the invioce?
    A little corny but its like life just started isn't it and how did you get by without it before. Happy for you buddie;)
    Good, glad to see you check in. Its funny as I just posted something corny on your sale thread. The love bug got you didn't it:wave:
    Like I said Ricker these aren't just empty nonsense reps that have been going around lately I can't be the only one seeing how your attacking this hobby kudos again bud
    What a nice unexpected visitor message:)Ricker the reps are truly meant my friend.Wow you have knack for this hobby and are hitting hard. Its great to see from the other side. I'm not a Star Trek nerd but I do love the phaser thing. So why don't you try a laser build on one and that would be your gift to me, how's that sound. Its a blast to mod them and iv'e done 2 with some Fastech 532's at about 100mw. I even got Lifetime into modding one and he already has bought a phaser:whistle: Ricker thanks:beer:
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