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  • Unfortunately I do not have the experience to really appreciate your builds....They look great ! I really apologize for my under appreciation. I'm looking to spend less than a hundred. My needs are a discreet laser that will go very high. I do not point at anything that flies with strobe lights. The laser needs to be small. I like a momentary switch vs a clicky. Any thoughts ? I do have some solder experience. Just need to keep it simple.
    I have a client I am doing a project for. It's for his "Bank Vault" in his house. I'm looking for a blue 1w laser so he can show his friends that his laser can burn paper or pop balloons. He has wall outlets where he wants one, any suggestions? 12v/120ac

    Do the c6 hosts come with pil and focus ring pictured l?....
    How much would postage be to the UK for C6 host and 2 spare focus rings.... any color
    Regards, Carl
    Hi, how much for the GB light? I would be interested in it as a light, are you and others using it for that or as a host? Thx
    Way too many reasons not to buy from WL- Wicked Lasers is not a company you should buy from < LINK
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