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  • No really big need your right. I have one in mine probably because I was lucky that it didn't pop away but I don't have a spring on the outside. If you get itchy for one for any reason just ask Lifetime to send you the right one he will just give it to you. Iv'e seem people use other springs but some may be way to stiff. Just a thought but now biggy as your fine with it. Hey + rep agian buddy
    If you look right at it when you unscrew the lens barrel you will see the spring but its thin enough that it will pop out when not paying attention and thin enough that you will need that magnifying to find it on the floor lol. Just use some common sense not much dust will get in that quick.
    If you do sneak a peek remember its a very thin kinda frail spring, at least thats what mine is like
    Lol you just can't win here. Usually a bump is something you might do if your selling something or someone hasn't replied to a question over the course of a day. Like I said double or triple posting is if you just keep adding and starting a new post to do it. I don't know why you got the "rude" thing when you seperately quoted and answered people, thats probably the best way to do it and everyone else does! I didn't care for that neg rep you got as you should of got a friendly reminder and thats not proper use of a neg rep anyway. Just let it be no biggie, I did think of saying something but its just not worth it. I try not to make waves. Maby it was Electric Plasma i'm thinking about with the phaser sorry about that. So is all well with your new laser?
    By the way that spring that you might of lost that was inside the heat sink would be very thin and you would see it stick out a bit when taking the lens barrel out, as the one on my laser looks that way and not like the link OVNI gave. He is right as though as if its fine then no problem. I just messaged it hear as not to keep adding to that thread. Hey whats the deal with your Star Trek phaser, get it out and play with it!!!!
    Nice proper way to set up and I think I did see you use 3 mirrors in one of the pics and I did see a 4th? beam reflect I believe. I have to tell you that your double and triple posting lately on some threads. That means your posting again to add some info without someone posting in between. This forum doesn't like it and I used to get it pointed out to me. If you want to add just hit the edit option below your message and add it the post. Someone already neg repped you but should ofwarned you first. Of course you can post new questions or answers just keep an eye ok bud
    I know you take caution, and burning your fingers lighting a match with glasses on is a highpower laser initiation lol. I will tell you though I did take a hit to the eye a few weeks ago with a 532nm at about 40mw from pointing it at a dvd sled reflect. It woke me up thats for sure. The best way to set up mirror pics is to use a lower power first to get the mirrors just about right.
    No LED you just have to really really be patient and take your time with it. Always put the safety glasses on a least on your ears an forehead before picking the laser to put the batteries in. I even keep the dust cap on till im ready to fire and know your surroundings. Hey thanks for the rep bud
    So it was around 33 or 34 days like me. I guess we were one of the lucky ones. Nice review by the way +rep
    So did you get your laser yet? I'm not sure as I could of missed a post saying you got it
    Thats a really good move it did. Iv'e heard Pman tell me he had a package stay 2 weeks at that sorting place. You just might get it in the next 2 days!
    Not to stress you but iv'e had a few packages stay idle at that post. Why I don't know I think it's because its a huge facility. Stay calm it will leave and you might be the one that it gets out quick:)
    I just remebered I got an email from him that my laser was built and was being ready for shipment after around 2+ weeks from order and was a bit bummed because he said it only took a week but still it came in those 33 days which was a good surprise. So hang in there your about 10 to 12 days away or maby sooner.
    It took 33 days from when I placed my order to my door. This was with the cheapest $10 shipping. I don't remember though about having trouble with non working tracking order #s I think because I didn't check and just put it in my mind that it would take time. "believe me I have no patients whatsoever just like everyone else and I was excited because it was my first 1W" He says he has more help but again I went in knowing it would take a while. But like you I used the time to get batteries and glasses.
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