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  • Hi Len, how are you? Havenot heard from you for quite a while and very worried about you. Wish you all well!
    Holy cow, 10 years, you must both like lasers and this forum (understatement).
    Hi Len, Happy tenth Anniversary here on the LaserPointerForums. Sorry I never replied to your last message. I'm fighting my own heavy duty health battles. I hope you are doing well.
    Hope you are doing better-- I do think about you from time to time.
    no worries about any delayed PMs.
    Can you help me merge my two treads under the same name. I somehow posted in two different locations the same thread. I meant to post in multi-media
    I liked it better when the members 'location' was under their username or NOT..(that is also 'info'..)
    and atm I don't see what is now used to 'send member PM' (or VM)
    ps I have no clue if and where this that I just typed)'what-ev' is going.. did we ever have profile posts??==are they now what we are calling 'profile posts' ..
    Start Conversation is the 'Send member PM' option, and visitor messages are only available when you actually go onto their profile.
    I agree, it would be handy to see the location on the side panel like it used to be.
    dear hakzaw:
    look your gmail.some new toys.
    i am so confused that why your lpf always is online.never you closed your pc ?
    haha.waitting for your reply.
    Dear hakzaw1
    i am sorry to reply you so late.
    i am busy with something about my company.
    i will message you later.
    i want to send frined to you yesterday ,but i haven't fund the botton (haha it's so shame on me).
    my ebay has listed some new goods maybe useful to you
    waitting for your suggestion.
    Oh I know i need to update my profile a little more haha, haven't had much free time to do so.
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