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  • RA_pierce, thx for your honest response.

    I am not a dumbass, surely I will wear laser spectacles and I will only irradiate toenail starting at a few seconds on day 1, longer on day 2, etc, till I can feel slight temperature elevation under nail, progress as needed.

    I mean get real guys, laser burn to exposed skin with these wimpy handheld lasers cannot even compare to doctor's office laser, sheesh, gimmee a break, all these Dudley Do-right character types . . . .
    gosh well i am sorry regardless of if you were joking or not.
    You don't see that younger, inexperienced members or lurkers whatever may see your post and feel as if those kinds of actions are dignified by a respected member.
    Is that really the message we want to send?
    have ur + rep back but honestly...
    Hello RA

    You must have got a very good one. I put in fresh Batteries and turned on the Laserbee and it peaked at 312mw. Still not to sure what TEM is but from what I have read it means the dot is not tight and this is not. At 6 inches with goggles on sometimes it looks like 2 half moons then it goes to a nice dot and back again. I am Pming Glenn to see what I should do. Have a good day.
    Hey man. Yes, I did get it. I had high hopes for it and I ended up not being too impressed. I will take lots of pictures of it once I'm done with all these exams and finals.

    The main thing that put me off was that my eyes pick it up as orange and not yellow (only my brother sees it as yellow on white surfaces).
    hey RA, i was reading your posts and you mentioned a company. i can't seem to find
    them to buy stuff from.

    btw, you seem to know this but will a blue laser burn black material better than red or green?

    Would you put it against my PGL-III-C (peaks >700mW and doesn't drop below 500mW)?

    To the OP: But seriously, If you want a high quality green laser, get one from the CNI GB hosted by Glenn (scopeguy). CNI sells pen types from 1-175mW and Glenn has the units hand picked for best specs - you are guaranteed to get what you paid for and more... Take my PGL (mentioned above) for example... I purchased it as a 400mW unit and got a laser that performs like a 500mW rated unit. You won't be disappointed.
    Thanks for the laser, very happy with it. Great service. Just gave you a quick review. Thanks
    I hope you have sent my laser today, because next week I'm going to vacation and I need that laser exactly for that ;)
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