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Switch Question


Oct 14, 2023
EDIT: False alarm. I jumped the gun. Searched one more thing and found a good explanation.
Bad Seth!! 😜

Hey all,

Getting close to this 488nm pen build after lunch today. But I was staring at these switches for the Laser66 pen hosts.. and now I feel like an idiot because I’ve just realized that I’m not sure how to connect the switch to the driver. I understand that it’s just a switch from battery to driver, but there aren’t any markings to go by.

Sorry for the dumb question, but does anyone have any info that could help me figure it out? I’ve found a couple builds on here that show photos of a connected switch, but they’re both different and kind of hard to go by.

Thanks LPF and happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully I’ll have a cool 488nm pen to post later!
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