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Born July 1982, Texas Born and Raised

Gaming, Pinball Repair, Computer Repair, R/C Cars, Drummer, Transformers™ Collector, Hot Rod Rebuild
Troy, Texas
Electronic Medical Record Trainer (Epic)




New to Lasers? Click Here! THIS is the thread that answers all your "Where can I..." "Is this..." "How do I..."
Laser Safety
Eye Safety First:Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, SCT-Orange UV Extreme Anti-Fog Lens
"5mw"* 405nm Gearbest Pointer - Highly Unlikely to be 5mw
5mw 445nm Custom Pointer in a former Cordless Drill "Gun Style" Host - proof of concept before going into Nerf Gun
5mw ~515nm Bladed LightSaber Osram pl515 with "Growing Blade" Video attached (Host by Ehgemus)
5mw 532nm Pointer Broken? After months of no use it works now... can't explain.
5mw 685nm from 10fenny in Pen Host - Link - Broke Driver taking it apart
0mw 450nm Osram PL-450 RIP 11/25/2015
Two Laserlands 5mw 445nm Pens

Communication methods: Xbox Live\Skype\Steam\Gmail\Google Plus\Youtube - Trendkilla254


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