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  • He might be gone, but I hope he comes back. I rep him every now and then for all the good work he has done over the years, inviting others to do so too.
    I too am wondering whether you have (or still make) hosts for sale? I'm interested in buying one of your hosts that can house a set-up for a 6-7 Watt NUBM44 Diode. I particularly like the copper-aluminum hosts like the one you have advertised for $120.
    Hey id like to buy the carbon fiber high power laser host from your last post please send me a paypal request with shipping to canada to simplysatisfaction@shaw.ca Thanks
    Hi I would like to discuss pricing on a host with you. I have to admit, I'm pretty confused on where to go from here(from what I have purchased). I also recently bought some eagle pair glasses. What would you recommend? Here is what I have purchased as of now.
    1.8W A-Type M140 445nm Blue Diode in Copper Module W/Leads & Three Element Glass Lens: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

    Is it true that you are no longer gonna be making hosts? If so, i will take the last one you have available.
    Ehagemus, do you do custom machining ?

    Looking for some greeblies made in aluminium for a Star wars project.

    I can provide you with resin parts, to have made into aluminium..

    let me know,

    Cheers, Dennis.
    Hello I need a host for the "NDG7475 520nm Diode In Copper Module W/SXD Driver & Three Element Glass", this is going to be my first laser build ever and I'm going to be getting everything already put together so all I need is a wired up host, I was looking around previous hosts you've made and this one caught my eye, http://s84.photobucket.com/user/ehge...l?sort=3&o=165 I'm going to be running the 2.4 amp driver so I would like the host to be able to fit two 25500 5500mAh 3.7 volt batteries, could you make something like that?
    Hello there !! I've heard your the one to come to for ***y hosts hahahah!!!! But anyways, I was wondering if you had anything you could make that is a blue laser anywhere from 50-250mw that would take AA's. Thanks!!!
    Just sent you $25 for that last heat sink
    Thanks again

    Here's my address in case you misplaced it
    David Dallman
    220 La Quinta Dr.
    Windsor, Ca.

    I think I sent you an email just now, but don't see it.
    Got two more of those finned aluminum heat sinks like the one I bought from you?
    Handy little sucker. Never knew I needed one till I got mine
    It was $25 I believe.
    Anyway, let me know, and I'll PayPal you. Be great have three seperate ones.
    I see you had two in the same block of Alu. I'd like my next two to be seperated please
    Thanks and HappynNew Year
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