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  • Hi, I heard that you make laser hosts :) I'm interested in getting a host custom made, and have a couple questions: 1. Are you able to machine from titanium? 2. Is titanium a suitable host material, seeing as power needs to flow from the tailcap to the driver throughout the host and titanium is much less conductive then aluminum. 3. Are you able to anodize?
    I’m doing a little better then before EP, still struggling but trying to get happier. :yh:
    Yup I'm back, yay!! Lol
    I've had so much going on the past few months with moving into a new place, now it's back to lasers. I just got done with an Oclaro700 since I destroyed my mits500.
    Thanks buddy I'm sorry about that it took a while to approve and I wasn't sure that I posted it proply on my phone witch is why I redid another, thanks mate!
    Hi Plasma, I was wondering if you knew of any professional (if not yourself) laser sellers that I'd be wiling to talk to. I am seeking a 445nm laser in the 1-3w range. If you could PM me, I would greatly appreciate it.
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