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  • Ánh mắt Vương Lâm bình tĩnh, chậm rãi nói.
    dich vu so sach ke toan, khoá học kế toán cho giám đốc ,tháp doanh nhân tower, học kế toán ở long biên, dịch vụ báo cáo tài chính cuối năm, học kế toán misa

    Lý Mộ Uyển nhìn Vương Lâm một cách cẩn thận. Sau đó thu hồi ánh mắt, tuy nhiên trong đôi mắt lại có phần phức tạp, mở miệng nói:

    - Ngươi là người Sở quốc?
    Hey I'm trying to order some gitd focus adapters but I'm having trouble through the links "for green here" ect. Can you help me out?
    Dear Mohrenburg, Tmack told me you have some Aixiz like modules for sale that are 11.5 mm in diameter and will fit a YO-18 vase, 5.6 mm LD. I have a diode press for Aixiz for this size diode and was wondering if it will fit the all copper ones that you have. If so I need at least one for now and possibly more if this works out. Thank you for your time and trouble responding to my needs. Gratefully, paul1598419
    I know I am behind the times, but do you have any of your rectangular linear drives left? Even if R1 and R2 are not populated, I will buy the resistors and install them myself.

    Thanks, lzrppl
    I tried messaging you and it apparently didn't work. I would like to buy 6 kryton grooves. Thats 150$ worth so could you please take my money already :)
    Hey, i bought a linear driver from you not long ago and i am inputting 5v to it and it runs fine... is this normal/recommended? i measured the output and it is around 200mA, which is what i ordered :) will this be fine to drive my lpc-826 when it arrives?
    BTW the driver is amazing so far! thanks!!!
    Hi there , I'm interested in a GITD groove but wanted a 2.5A driver installed. Can you do this?
    Hello, saw you posted this regarding the 12mm Ebay modules installed into empty hosts. Too bad they don't come with the plastic spacer to set the driver/blank pcb on.
    Still, at $3 this is a steal.

    Did you find the spacer required or invent a work around?
    Hello Mohgasm,

    Please help.
    I've ordered a heatsink for the Aurora SH-032 on March 20th and still nothing.
    Today I visited your website and saw the notice.
    I really need this, cause I already have all the other parts here waiting for this sink.

    Could you please send me another one? (I'll pay, of course).

    You can reach me at guilherme.mesquita@gmail.com
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