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  • Thanks for the kind words,I work at the school in Kerens.Nice to hear someone knows where Kerens is not to mention the county.I was given a lot of DVD burners at school so now I can brush up on my soldering...anyway thanks
    madmacmo, I haven't had the time to post all my builds, yet. I did post an album in my profile of the 532 nm build I did for my daughter for Christmas. It peaks at 140 mw and will run for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you find the time check it out. :) PAUL
    Madmacmo, sorry about the confusion about the A. Histolytica. I remember a post from someone about an 11.5 mm copper Aixiz like module, but I can't remember any more than that. Do you know anything about them? Are they compatible with the TO-18 diode press? If so I may have a use for some. Please inform when you have the time. Gratefully, paul1598419
    madmacmo, ameba histolytica! That is a VERY nasty water born parasite that always caries an unfavorable prognosis. What did you drink or swim in? Was it Africa? Hope you do well,paul1598419
    Appreciate the comments about my trip.
    Indeed still recovering though I am basically back to normal, I don't have a lot of energy.
    Will do a test this week to see if there was any organ damage from that nasty strain of Amoeba histolytica I became a unwilling host to.
    Scary infection, and given a very grim prognosis at the doctors office last week.
    Glad to be back in a temperate climate, thank you.
    Hey Mac
    I am not fading away just really busy with work and I bought a used Ducati monster. It was more of a rescue bike LOL.
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