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  • Hey Ken,

    Do you still have some krytons I can can order? The google doc you made looks filled but I can't tell if I can put my name on it or not. Let me know, thanks!
    Hi Ken,

    I wonder if you still have that sky 1W Ir portable?
    If so how much would be shipping it to Hungary Europe?

    Thank you: Laha
    thanks enormously for the help you provided the other day... I can't thank you enough, and you are an amazing person. Thanks and enjoy your day!
    Hey Kenom-I know I ordered the last Lite you had available(2 pd for in total)problem is I have promised to post several product reviews and need ONE of my meters asap-If there is any way possible(including send some extra shipping $ or accepting one without a housing for the readout)to get one of the next ones that are ready?? I have a box similar to the clear ones from Digi and can put it into it myself.If not possible-no problem--
    Someone informed me that you might be looking for someone to do machine work, I made a post in buy sell trade, if you are interested, i can do large quantities and repeatability to the ten of a thousand, more details in my post.
    Yomaman, I'm having loads of fun with my new Ken-O-Meter - thx for the very personalized service during the build stage, not to mention your post-delivery support :cool:
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