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  • I'd like to buy the Panasonic 3400mah 18650 cell but wasnt sure if the Sanyo 3500 mah in your link is the Panasonic or if the panasonic is a different one. (I'm new to lazers & batteries)
    I ordered 2 of the Sanyo 3400mah NCR18650BF (added button top) on 9/14 (transaction ID 08R07533NY2591901) and hadn't seen them/heard anything. I was wondering if everything was ok or if there was some issue. Let me know.
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    Hi, trying to order two cells and the $8.95 charger but cart automatically loads with the nicer charger over and over. Any help with that? Reloaded the page with no luck. Thanks!
    I would like to purchase some 18650 batteries from you. Do you charge for shipping? If so
    I live in North Richland Hills close to Ft. Worth and could meet you to buy the batteries.
    Hi Larry, I just wanted to check in on a set of batteries that shipped a few days ago. I'm wondering if you might have tracking on that order? I'm asking because I have really crappy postal service and I believe you said they shipped on the 17th. I won't call them late yet but it normally takes 3 days for first class shipping and I got nothing today, maybe tomorrow? Again I'm not sending this because I am worried about you, its my local post office I worry about. I've lost packages in the past from them delivering it to the wrong address.

    Thanks, Joe.
    Thanks dude! I just ordered 2 cells with a charger I believe. Can't wait to try these bad boys out!
    Hey Larry, I recently bought a WL Arctic 1.2W and heard I should get better battery. I'm asking myself: what benefits do I get from having a very good battery versus the one that comes stock? Please get back to me on this, I'm very interested in buying one from you if it improves performance or duration of laser play.

    Hi Larry Cobb
    Nice to meet you . I am Linna.
    Supplier of hakzaw1 's group buy.

    Len told that you had problem with the projector

    Please contact me with details

    TRACK # SOON -- SENDING PJ to your shop- on viceroy
    lost your number- TY for jumping in with us--+3
    Hi Larry I ordered a couple of 18650 cells and paid by paypal a couple of weeks ago can you confirm this order has been shipped paypal would have been midnighttattoo@hotmail.co.uk
    Larry I ordered one 18650 dual battery charger. A payment of $8.95 USD to Cobb Carpet Supply was made by PayPal on May 17 2013. I haven't recived the charger nor any contact from you or Cobb Carpet Supply. Please respond. Copy sent to custserv@cobbcarpet.com
    Hi Larry. Did you get my pm? I want to buy to a 3400 mah panasonic battery but would like to know how soon you could ship if I order one. Is there a waiting list for these batteries or do you have them in stock?
    hey larry

    still a spot open in the car going to SELEM-leaving Wed Aug15th(iirc) returning mid day on following Monday--PM if interested===hak
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