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    s tan dulce como cabría esperar.
    Más adelante, a partir de los dca estaba seguro donde comenzaba lo falso y terminaba lo verdadero, elución... Huir hacia lo desconocido, sin apenas parar en estación o recodo, a menos que fuera para respirar y coger fuerzas. Y correr, correr... malviviendo.
    De los once a los dieciocho, recuerdo muy poco. Y de los dieciocho a los veinte, lo que perdura en mi memoria es terrible.
    A veces me pregunto, cómo pude sobreviv
    Hey huge fan of your work, I'm a complete nude and wanted something a bit more powerful then my 500mw I have. I don't really know where to start on a semi portable ~20w co2 lazer as well as a HeNe sight. I was hoping to build them both. Thx :)
    You don't know me but I'm a fan of your work, and we have two things alike Germany and lasers.

    Can you answer my message?
    Hey, Just wanted to say Great Job on the MW Gun you built. Thread is closed now and i wanted to tell you that it is EPIC. You have Skills to make something so compacted and Nice looking as that. Not to mention the Power of it.:eek:

    Beautiful Work Buddy. + for you my friend. :beer:
    hey im joshua ummmm i was looking at your Burning LASER GLOVE Mk II i rlly like it ummm do u have more of them
    hey, can you let me know what switch you used and how you wired things from it? (in the laser glove)

    Thanks man. A chat would be cool...seems there a alot of cool dudes around.
    Regarding the lasergun2: Like everything else I made/make...only a toy ;-)
    Hey ansel-- I do not recall sending you any messages- looked at your photos--very nice- welcome to the forum. There used to be a 'chat' here but no more for now.-good luck and let me know if I can be of any help to you.-hakzaw
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