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  • Afternoon DTR! I'm looking into using an M462 diode in an upcoming build, but I have been unable to find a datasheet for it. Do you know where to get one, or, if it has another part number? Thanks man!
    Hi pal, I just placed an order on your website about an hour ago for the 6W diode ect.. Can you do me a favour? Can you seperate the 3 items and leave everything seperate so I can build them? Have assembled pretty much all the tools bar the diode press which I need to buy off you, I need the 5.6 and the 9mm press. How much for both? I can pay you PayPal in the morning for the presses. Thanks pal
    Sorry, think I had senior moment, forgot to tell you which driver. I need the size of the sxd driver planning on buying the combo for 160.00 probably with the half back? Once I see if there enough room. Thanks again.
    Hello, I'm looking at your nubm44 with 12mm module with g2 lens for a build I'm thinking about. Could you give me the size of the driver? Need to see if it will fit before I buy. Thanks BobMc
    Hi there, I am curious about scrapping projectors and using their laser diodes to create a, hopefully, cheap and powerful laser. I have recently seen styros video and was inspired by it to try the projector thing. I am wondering if you have any suggestions on the brand or type of projector that I'd need to use in order to get a powerful laser diode bank. I don't need anything as powerful as what styros built, but something one fourth that strength would be truly incredible, though unnecessary. Any examples would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
    Link to thread

    I plan to buy DTRs NUBM06 450nm Laser Diode In 35mm Copper Module W/4.5A Super X-Drive(SXD-V3) & G-2 Lens

    The original heat sink in the host is a 30mm Dia x 35mm Length, I wonder if DTR would offer a 30mm version if I asked.
    Hello, I got my hands on a 2 watt 445nm,22mm module,w/x-drive, g-2 glass lens,with a 510 threaded end, was wondering if you could recommend an appropriate host? thanks Bobmc
    Hi Jordan, Hakzaw just told me about the diodeless projectors you got through Amazon. Damn........ If you're stuck with them , how much would you want for one? If the price is reasonable I just might install and align a set of diodes myself if the rest of the unit is decent.

    Thanks, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future one way or another.

    Cliff Myers

    which lens would you recommend for burning at distance, through glass an has more focus burning point..

    would this be the G2 lens you sell ?
    Hey DTR,

    Sent you a PM yesterday asking/requesting something about a module I would like to buy. Please check your messages and shoot me a PM back when you can, thanks :)
    Wondering if you sell a 17mm driver board for a 980nm 500mw diode running 1x 18650 battery. Isaac thinks you may have something that will work.

    Regards Andy

    P.s i am in the UK
    I have re-mounted my Laser on the Z axis faceplate to the bottom and can now get between 0 and 2 inches above the work piece.

    Now my problem is that I cannot focus that close. The lens is all of the way out of the module and at 1 inch the spot is dispersed too big. I have both 3 element and G-2 lens one even a G-2 long thread but the inner lens is still at the end so there doesn't seem to be any way to focus this close.

    Any suggestions?

    Joe Lawrence
    I have a NDB7875 laser with a G-2 lens and tried to cut 1/16" birch plywood with bad result. I tried 6 passes at 3 ipm and all I get is burned wood. one pass at same speed gives me about the same depth of cut but both are about .005"-.010" deep.

    I have a friend with a Darkly Labs Emblaser A4 which has the same laser and he cuts 1/8" birch plywood in one pass at 3 ipm. I am sure the focus is right so what am I doing wrong?

    Don't have any other ideas to try.

    Joe L.
    Hi DTR.I am interested in a 515nm 100mw Nichia module.I want to run it in a 3 AA host off eneloop pro cells.I wonder how much extra it would be to get some extra lens with it.I would like to try different ones to compare the beam quality.Also I want to run the diode at the spec sheet listed maximum and not over...this because I want maximum diode life and it should not hammer the cells as hard either.

    Thank you!My email is brownpiggin@gmail.com...
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