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  • Hey DTR. I sent an email to your gmail account inquiring about a purchase. Look forward to hearing back from you. I gather this is a side gig for you, so when ever you can get back to me that would be great!
    Hey do you still have the modules for mec mods and how much would it be for one with a 100 mw
    hi dtr, I ordered a numb07e in 25mm cooper module with 3 element lens, can you put replay me ok corinanedelcu@yahoo.com? I payd for this 2 days ago and I send a email form corinanedelcu@yahoo.com.
    Sorry for my bad english, thanx.
    Hi, I need to burn cardboard at 150 feet, some suggestion on laser and lenses, thanks.
    I'm looking to build a laser as close to 473nm as possible with as much power as I can.
    What lens/module/driver combo would you suggest? What hosts do you have available to accommodate the combo? I should mention, I'm new at this, so be gentle. :)
    Hi DTR! I'm wondering if you could hook me up with some phlatlight pt-54's. I noticed you may be out of stock for now? Any idea on when/if you might carry more?

    While on LPF, I saw that there is a class of laser pointers that have a Mech mod as a component of the build. I went to your site and saw the picture for the the 12mm to 22mm adapter. It looks like it also has the adapter piece to connect to the Mech mod.
    Is that true or is it just for the single aluminum piece? If it is the single adapter, where would I get the other piece?

    Hey dtr~ I recently ordered a 6w nubm44 diode in 12mm module wired from your store It was around 16th nov. or so wondered if you have tracking # yet. Jayrob just shipped my Saik host build kit thought you might be close to shipping diode module out. It is to cjsurvey59@gmail.com El Dorado, ks 67042
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