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  • Hey DTR I'm looking to buying a 3.5W NDB7A75 445nm 450nm Laser Diode In Copper Module W/Leads & G-2 Glass Lens can you pump it up to 5w when I msg you when I'm ready to purchase. :)
    Hello, DTR. I have a few of your diodes and will most likely be buying more, so I was hoping you'd accept a friend request. Much thanks!
    I just received the m140 1W 445nm W/flexdrive, the arrival time was not bad. However, before I plug the laser into the build, I gotta ask, the flexdrive IS preset to the right current, right?
    Hi I have 2 of your blue lasers. A 1.7 and a 2.0 both with the g2 lens . I just ordered your 500mw 635nm laser module and need you to point me to a good heat sink and host. Thanks Zapp.
    Hey I have a question about diodes. The Survival laser I from Survivallaser.com cannot be sold in the US unless it is sold with no diode. Here is the link: Survival Laser I Host Bundle - Components Only- No Diode

    Here is the full laser not sold in the US:
    Survival Laser I 445nm Parts Bundle - Laser Components Only
    I was told you sell diodes, so could you send me a link to buy a diode that would work in this laser to make it work just like the full version?
    Hi DTR.
    I tried to buy 10 of Phlatlight PT-54 red but the listing disappeared from your shop.
    Is it sold out?
    hi DTR, this is pucho, i want to thank you for your fast shipping on my diode module, you get major props from me.
    Hi Dtr,This is Peter Zeboroff,We have talked about high powered laser diodes and drivers already,I have a couple questions I hope you can answer for me.One is do you know if these is a proper high power constant current driver available yet for the 3.5 watt 445nm 9mm laser diodes?The other question is On the specs of laser diodes,Its always stated that the storage temperature could be well below zero degrees but the operating temperature is always only down to 0 degress.Do you know why the diodes cant be cooled further than 0 degrees when operated and what are the dangers to the diode if they are operated below zero? ie found that by using my tec cooling module there is quite a big difference in diode output for any given current input into the diode the colder the diode is operated at? lease email me at pzeboroff@shaw.ca.Thank you so much for your continued help and advice.Peter.
    Heya DTR, I just sent you a PM regarding an order for a few things, I hope it didn't get lost in the masses!

    Your last orders came in a day faster than expected, which is awesome. I look forward to more excellent customer service experiences with you :)

    EDIT: Just ordered 2W 445nm M140 diode pressed in AixiZ again :) can't wait to get it and fire up the first build!!:drool:
    Hello DTR, I want to order one of your 445nm laser modules with driver set to give something like 3.5watt. What can you do for me ? I also want to say that the previous alien host laser I bought from you in the past is still working, Amazing ! Regards,
    Hi Jordan,

    I (Fabio) just received your parcel.
    Haven't tried the S06J module (my googles not yet arrived from China, and I believe in "Safety first"), but modules seems good. Thank you for the good padding of your stuff, too, I appreciated.

    Have a nice we!

    Hi DTR I have just bought a 12x405nm S06J Module with 3 element lens and now need a driver. Will you be willing to sell me a Prewired BlitzBuck V3.1 290-970mA Driver at 445mA for two separate payments of $9. I can pay you through paypal. Thank You
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