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  • Hey mate, hows your GoldWing project is going? 😄
    Really good, took it up to Mamouth and June lakes yesterday. Had such a great time. How’s everything in your neck of the woods ?
    Everything's good over here :)
    Thanks for asking

    A couple of questions. What are these builds...I assume two diodes? How are they aligned?

    I recognize the Sanwu and Jetlaser BEs....what are the others? Where did you get them? Approximately how much do they cost?

    Bob, you have one heck of a collection. I would not even try and hazzard a guess how much you have in them! There is no doubt in my mind that collecting stuff can become an addiction. I had an interesting conversation about that on a Facebook group of people who collect precision tops. BTW, what is the gun...is that a dazzler?
    No worries pal. I've got a different ink set coming in and some modifications to do with my other printer, so I probably have a few weeks before I'm ready to make the next batch. Definitely looking forward to some new beamshots though. :)
    Haha. No chips and dip yet, but we've got a few people you don't see to often on LPF. Just click the link in the sticky.
    ya, I Im buying the nice glasses they sell (seems to be on par with eagle pair). Theyre expensive but so are new eyes (partial eye transplants are a thing)
    445NM BLUE LASER, PL-E Pro series 1.6w. I will be my first laser and I know that its not advised to start with that much power, but since it has a lower power mode it think it will be ok, and its a good investment so i dont have to buy a better one later
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