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  • Hope you're well buddy! :)
    I am, just been busy. Got a lot of oars in the water, as they say. Say hi to everyone. Thanks for asking. 😊

    A couple of questions. What are these builds...I assume two diodes? How are they aligned?

    I recognize the Sanwu and Jetlaser BEs....what are the others? Where did you get them? Approximately how much do they cost?

    Bob, you have one heck of a collection. I would not even try and hazzard a guess how much you have in them! There is no doubt in my mind that collecting stuff can become an addiction. I had an interesting conversation about that on a Facebook group of people who collect precision tops. BTW, what is the gun...is that a dazzler?
    No worries pal. I've got a different ink set coming in and some modifications to do with my other printer, so I probably have a few weeks before I'm ready to make the next batch. Definitely looking forward to some new beamshots though. :)
    Haha. No chips and dip yet, but we've got a few people you don't see to often on LPF. Just click the link in the sticky.
    ya, I Im buying the nice glasses they sell (seems to be on par with eagle pair). Theyre expensive but so are new eyes (partial eye transplants are a thing)
    445NM BLUE LASER, PL-E Pro series 1.6w. I will be my first laser and I know that its not advised to start with that much power, but since it has a lower power mode it think it will be ok, and its a good investment so i dont have to buy a better one later
    Thanks, never thought of that option. The only laser tripod i could find was the one made by wicked lasers and they stopped making it
    Thanks for the info, Gonna buy it in the next month so excited. Btw, where do you get your tripods, for the life of me I can't seem to find them online
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