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  • See my latest Group buy for JETLASER(#8!!)
    If you want a unique and collectable Titanium laser psot in the OP and I will add you...
    less than 12 left in the world and no other Co. makes Ti lasers-
    one free beer and no ship fee if you come down to Brazoria County and pick your up once I have them in hand- collecting the $$ later this coming week.
    check out the reviews on Jetlasers-100% happy campers.
    Email me at gmail or yahoo- I will send you some pics and my contact info...Len
    hi is there a way i can make this barska laser site brighter you cant see the dot on a bright day..its holds 0 perfect just not bright enough
    Brazoria County Fair-
    you are invited to join us The Pit Meisters cook-off team.
    10$ to enter Fair groundsFri & Sat but free Thur. all food and drink are free.
    PM if you are coming-see my thread/invite .
    i hope you accept the invite..
    once there find tools/& and click 'add subscription' that way you will not miss the next laser meet in houston.
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