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  • Hi one more time (from eBay),
    I am wandering if I can buy from you 2w blue laser modules assambled in the 2W MCU-C88 Q5 26650 Host with a head. Also any chance you can put on the 2W MCU-C88 Q5 26650 Host Key On/Off switch with wire remote control (like on CNI PGL-III-C-447 portable laser)?
    Thank you
    Here you go. The blueray has the same pinout as the 445.

    Thanks for the diode :bowdown:. Sorry but I do not know the pinout. Can you please make a diagram? I need to know the pinout for my project. Thanks!
    I saw you used the NJG-18 LED driver in two of your builds. Was wondering, could you fill me in on how the modes work? I read that there are 18 modes in 3 groups... how do you change between modes, and how do you change between groups?

    And how does the memory work?
    - Jai
    Hey DTR I was looking for a quality laser at a decent price and I was suggested to come to you. I'm looking for something Handheld that's relatively powerful and has a clean beam. But heres where it may get tricky, I'm from California and I don't want to have to go to another state to get my laser, so if it can ship to me then that would be awesome.

    If you Could shoot me an e-mail that'd be awesome, my e-mail is: cammozotz@gmail.com (no caps)

    i recently purchased a 26650 polished host off of Eghemus, I noticed your review on your 1.9W Ehgemus RPL Stlyle 26650 Host, I was wondering if you are interested in selling me the dual driver set and same diode all soldered and ready so i can insert into my Ehgemus 26650. I also was curious where do you get your batteries for this host? Please leave me a message if you can do this along with the price that you would charge me. Ive already tried doing the build myself but drivers get superhot. Tired of messing around with it. Thanks, Dave. Ill send you pics.
    That SS stubby is awesome-----------fantastic pics and tut, you make it look (almost) cave-man ez.
    Nice banter DTR!

    I look forward to more good hearted and appropriate duelling!

    Good times...

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