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    X-drive fried immediately

    The SXD specifically will not pass the reverse polarity from the power source so it will not damage the diode from this event. If it presses in more then yes I would so that the top of the base is in contact with the module and not just drawing heat from the edges of the base. Aug did shoot a...
  2. DTR

    DTR's Laser Shop - Laser Diodes & More

    OK either I have lost my mind which is possible or I am guessing some server issues happened right after I went offline and Cold had to load a previous backup. There are quite a few posts missing most replies to the large revisions I added to the two posts above. Sorry guys that must be...
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    DTR's Laser Shop - Laser Diodes & More

    Misfire back in a sec
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    X-drive fried immediately

    No poblem things happen. I actually was just looking at the pic you sent over on ebay and maybe I just cant see as the pics are not that clear but the case pin should be visible on the bottom side or the nub if you had clipped it off so if it is not where the arrow is in this photo but on the...
  5. DTR

    X-drive fried immediately

    That is the very specific damage the IC takes from reverse polarity but no worries Augie a message with your order number or email used so he can look it up and well help you get back up and running with a new one. Search for reveres polarity and X-drive as I have posted the pick showing that...
  6. DTR

    DTR's Laser Shop - Laser Diodes & More

    Sorry guys I have not been posting much in the last couple weeks. I usually don't post much personal stuff but I might also now be hard to get hold of for the next several days so if you don't hear back from me you can shoot Augie an email or PM here. He is in the shop every day and keeping...
  7. DTR

    DTR G8 lens

    Oh someone is late checking back in on this thread.🤪 Pretty sure I know exactly which ones you mean. Last chance I gave the original company which was being used for the thread that collectively designed. They were not a good company. I just was looking at that thread a few days ago. Will find...
  8. L2


  9. DTR's Laser Album

    DTR's Laser Album

    Collection of my favorite pics
  10. DeadEYeMo Sirius-1-C

    DeadEYeMo Sirius-1-C

  11. DTR

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Oh sh.... if you have not already don't attempt to power that diode with that driver and I would not worry about trying to replace any components. The board has been fried and so many issuers now can arise since the board has pretty much been reflowed and not in a controlled manor so you might...
  12. DTR

    Help with NUBM44-V2 Blue Laser Diode

    I am sure that has to be a misconception or misrepresentation. All NUMB44 V1/V2 come with a normal windowed can which is one reason they are worth paying 2X for as well as being more powerful. It just would not make sense to go cutting the windowed cans off them for no reason. I say cut as they...
  13. DTR

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Yea the Flex is a good driver with these. Depending on how high you have the current set it might limit the run time due to the thermal shutoff on the driver that is unless you sink the Flex to your host body or main heatsink. If you are pushing up near 1A or more I would suspect the driver will...
  14. DTR

    Need Help Finding a Laser Driver

    Might be a little confusion do you mean set a driver to 2.4A aiming to produce with some combination of diode and lens a 1W optical wattage output? Which laser driver were you looking at? What laser diode were you wanting to power with it? Most drivers I do offer to set before sending out with...
  15. DTR

    Laser Builds! Pics Included - Nubm07 and Nubm44 x2

    Awesome... Those are some very impressive builds. I really like the NUBM07 unit with the analog trimmer and transparent cover showing off the mounted driver. Work of art.🍺