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ArcticMyst Security by Avery
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  • I don't doubt your genius either. you've been at this long enought to know what you're looking at. My second post was sincere. You're probably right.

    Plus my "genius" should be highly doubted because there are far smarter guys here on LPF. I'm no genius, I just like lasers.
    You got your answer already ;)
    Thanks, man. When it comes to firearms and defending yourself with one, I have first-hand, very personal experience.
    Ok, pretty basic question... Im looking to build A PHR laser for as cheap as possible but I'm more concerned about quality. All I know is that Im using a PHR probably in an aixiz housing now I was hoping you could suggest the rest to me. Thanks
    thanks for the help iskor 12- drivinfast247 had the right fixFYI--future ref. He wrote:'Another thing you can try is go to: TOOLS-INTERNET OPTIONS, then click the ADVANCED tab, then towards the bottom press the 'Reset' button' that did it !ahhhh feel better already--hak learned a lot today seems to happen all the time if one is not careful lol
    re re installed IE 8 agian but same problem-iskor-'Do a screen shot!!!! and post it.' Screen shot of what?
    define 'tabbed browsing' plz---never did a screen shot before- you are givimg me too much credit. LOL --thanks hak
    Everything is fine with me as well :D I have lot's of homework and extra classes. I think you know that I have finals this year :p I also play with my lasers :D
    Thanks for posting the link to the rifle site. Very Nice!
    I loved my .308 FAL SA58. It had a lot of nice features built into it..bipod, grenade launcher attachment, adjustable gas blowback, bayonet, and full auto switch. Not as pretty as the ones you build, but still very nice.
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