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  • 17 years is a great long life for a dog. I'm sure he was treated like royalty. :)
    everything is good thanks for asking... lost my dog of 17 years last that was a bummer. I PMed you my man hope you can help me out:)
    Hey, how have things been? Haven't heard from you in a long time. I hope things are well.
    Happy holidays and God bless,
    Just did a red build in one of those magnetic HomeDepot hosts. They're perfect for a 1" dia heatsink.
    Hey dude, great green build in that coll DX flashlight! I'd give you my new 2 rep points, but I already repped you for your active cooling build:)
    From the looks of it, you have been quite busy. :) Nice work.

    FYI: Thanks for praying for me...it means alot. :)
    great to hear from you Heath, I have been praying for healing for you. I've been building bunches. first hand held fan cooled unit here :). I have a proposal for you and I made a lamp with your CPU
    WOW...it's been a long time since I have been on here. Yes, I am doing much better now. I was sick for about 3 months. It was absolutely ridiculous. Thanks for checking up on me.

    How are you and the family doing?
    Yeah, I haven't moved anywhere. :) No rush on that buddy. I am rather busy right now. :)
    Summer is here grass growing like a mad dog... I have been thinking about you though. I have that rayfoss host it's just putting it in a box and getting out NEVER! seems to happen. Tell you what I will put that on my list. You still at the same spot?
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