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    Q: Why, after my DPSS laser suddenly stopped working, do I see just a dim red light coming from the aperture?

    A: DO NOT LOOK INTO THE APERTURE!!!!!!! This dim red light is actually being produced by an extremely powerful infrared laser. Since IR light is invisible, all we can see is the dim red light. Don't be fooled by the dimness, even in a 5mW DPSS laser the IR output is guaranteed to be at least 200mW, which is more than enough to fry your eyes. The reason that you can see this is because some of the internal parts of the laser have gone out of alignment..

    this happened to me i think, how would you fix it?
    Hey EF. How are ya doing?? Haven't seen you post much lately. Thought I would see if you're still lasing anything. See you at SELEM this year??
    Oh and by the way I don't have any arguments with the goggles and safety issues regarding lasers. All of us noobs should be beat over the head on safety for ourselves and others. I really have gotten a lot of knowledge from you and others on LPF I can't begin to thank you guys enough for all you do. This is a cool hobby for me but the lasers that I have now are awesome and dangerous. Thanks man!
    Sorry about the misunderstanding and I appreciate your response and position. I get the same way and in my field of work. I am just recently sensitized on a horrific trauma we got in 2 nights ago where a woman was nearly beaten to death with a hammer. It's amazing to see what people can do to each other, she probably won't make it but I should have not let it get in the way of communicating here. No excuse. But I did like the link to the tool for reading resistors that you posted. I hope we can be friends, thanks man! My apology.
    You have got to be kidding me! Did it feel better to slam somebody like this, was it necessary? People you will freely call a idiot you don't even know. I in no way negatively reped you with my post and further I didn't even give you a negative rep. Please reverse the rep pal and I can tell you where I am coming from. If I pissed you off sorry I meant no disrespect to you! David.
    Not a problem! thanks again for sending it! And its totally fine =] I didnt want it to get in the way of your move =]

    Thanks again! =]
    And the way it's heading, they'd have us believe doomsday's coming. In the end, they try to get rid of us, they'll pretty much be screwed too.

    They still depend on us for diode testing and data. They still rely on us for information on sources. They got most of their 445 information from us.

    They won't "solve their problem" by disposing of us.
    It wouldn't have had anything to do with your sticking up for us whenever they break out into bouts of LPF-bashing, would it?
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