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  • I am freaking out right now. I have some how managed to lose my waterproof blu-ray laser.
    yea.. lol..

    well i'm going to try and build some lasers myself.. just ordered 2 - 16x red burners and 2 AixiZ modules.
    thread is up in the bluray forums.

    Nice build dude! Thats nice looking host too! What about focusing? cant focus it now?

    Looks nice tho! =D
    certainly glad! =D

    I got a case for my pocket mini haha its perfect lol. i'll be posting a thread sometime soon with pics
    dang that sucks!
    i dont hear of that happening too often.
    Warranty or insurance or something?

    How much was it though
    Hey there is nothing wrong with that!
    I am at that point as well, havnt done anything for a few months now, i'm saving to get married and move out. lol.
    Dude the S-Techs are real nice!! They make a HUGE difference in the way it drives. the turn are nice and tight, i dont get much roll from what i can feel. i really grip to the road on turns, i took a turn at 75 and i hung on real good.

    Your going to pay arm and a leg for all that TRD parts. you pay even more for the TRD than any other brand out there just about.

    I prefer most of the aftermarket parts more than the TRD, however the only upside is warranty with TRD.

    S-Techs give 2.4 front and 2.0 rear drop. the TRD give 1.5 all around...

    If you don have any serious problems with your car, keep it and start doing stuff to it, if you buy new one, you'll be too strapped to do anything to it.

    I got 61,000 miles on it.
    I bought it a year ago and it had 24,000 miles.. lol.. I LOVE TO DRIVE!!!
    I appreciate your help. And yes i am doing my own share of reading and researching on my new hobby and thats how i was able to assemble my first laser. Right now im focusing on soldering techniques so that i dont fry my diode and driver again. lol. Once again thanks for your input.
    hey whats up? i just befriended you... i hope you dont mind if i ask you questions concerning my phr-803t build which is on its way. I hear you have a good rep around here and of course ur from illinois thats y i seek ur advice. I assembled my first phr but it did not work. I possibly killed the diode. In the mean time i will practice soldering and i hope to communicate with you.
    Yeah I guess I lost interest in lasers. Exactly, it happens from time to time :D
    Thanks for your concern lol. You seem to be the most trustful member for me :D
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