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  • Hi dave i am also dave in delaware middletown i love lasers too i am 53 old kid just thought id drop you a line dave421
    "Researching Red and Green lasers for firearms sight applications (handgun and AR-15 platforms)"

    I have done the same. Personally I like LaserMax laser sights.
    That sucks that you have had to experience that. That is one thing that I hope will never happen to me, but lets just say that if it does, I will be/am prepared.
    BTW If you dissagree you post neg rep by clicking 'I dissagree' but be careful as if you accidently give neg rep you must contact the Administrator to remove it(hapened to me once-my bad) You can also add someone as a contact -and you will get asked if you want to send a 'friend request' most members add you which in turn puts them on your friend list. Begging for +rep is considered bad manners but I have to ask- where's mine?? J/K LOL ps =don't forget to harvest those optics from that sled too.Len ;-)
    I was looking at your 'saga' on sled harvesting and noticed some help from iskor12--which reminded me he had help me out a while back-- not sure if I have +rep so i checked-2 ways to do t 1)Left click members name-click profile -look for 'reputation' click ,a list will drop down showing rep -did not see my name so i went ahead &repped him-the other way is to try to rep a member&it will tell you to 'spread some around' meaning tyou will only be able to rep them after you have rep some others or by waiting for some time to pass(no idea how long) to give iskor rep for helping (a good idea btw) look below member name and click on the scale symbol and follow by adding a comment. Len
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