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  • panther piss. That sucks. What did USPS have to say about it? Can't you hold them responsible and at least get a refund?
    They were shipped and should have been here looong ago. I didn't get anything from customs, so I think I got ripped off by USPS. They (USPS) screwed up on a couple of packages I ordered for christmas that my neighbors ended up returning/delivering to me. Over $300 lost, unless they show up (i haven't given up yet). I'll probably try and order one more unit just for the hell of it....it's only money :(
    I think you could use the Laser Communicator project that's listed in the group. We need more testing to see the actual rage of it. My Tech_Knowledge in electronics is limited. All the projects in the group are other peoples projects. I just made it easy to reference for the newer members.
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