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Too much to list.
Lazeerer custom polished L6 porcupine build 3.8mm 405nm 1W
Dragonlaser Spartan 405nm 300mW Polished
SKYlasers HL405 405nm 550mW
2×WLasers Sonar Elite Pro 3×Sonar white
2×Dragonlaser Spartan 447nm 1.1W with Beam Expander
TrustFire Cree Z5 2W+ 445nm Custom build
Blord build Big Boy 3W 445nm
Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic 445nm 2W 1.25 etc
Ultrafire C3 host Osram 450nm 180mW single mode
Optotronics RPL-B 473nm peak@112mW viasho upgraded
3XWLasers S3 473nm portable 112mW LE 1×S2
473nm >300 Lab laser
1.4W 520nm - The Hulk - MS-SSW-II Custom Direct Green DTR
SKYlasers PL520 520nm 80mW
Laserglow Hercules-650 532nm 850mW 777mW avg
Optotronics 450 RPL-G 532nm >570mW peak
Wicked Lasers Krypton 1W 532nm avg 997mW pk 1268mW
Jetlasers PL-E Pro >800mW
Laserglow Rigel HV PRO-50 589nm 95.1mW
CNI PGL III C >80mW 589nm
LaserGlow Rigel 6 593.5nm 8mW
Wicked Lasers Spyder II RX (Limited Edition, >300mW) 600mW peak
RHD build SH-032 host 635nm 500mW
RHD build Red Bulldog 638nm 1W+
Dragonlaser Spartan 640nm 100mW
SKYlasers PL650 650nm 1W
RGB and RGY Scanner 1.5W
Flashlights: HID Polarion PH-40, LED Olight SR-90


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