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  • Yes,

    Its a lalique called "victorie" shipped from czech republic off ebay.

    Since we got into the 405nm lasers a while ago, my wife and I have been collecting some. Mostly jewelry I've bought her, but I got this and a large cake stand that are substantial pieces.
    gday Jeffrey i just posted a reply in regards to purchasing your 40w laser. i was just goin to pm you first but had trouble doing it before for some reason. i look forward to hearing from you. cheers Dave
    If you are interested in selling the 13 watt laser this forum shows you bought a few years ago, then I would be interested in buying it. I had bought one on eBay for $99 but just broke it last week (adjusted the mirror and let the gas out, I think).
    dood your pics are so HUGE I cant read the text as it is almost twice as wide as my monitor- my eyes are a bugging trying to read this-- scrolling back and forth - can you re-send with no pics?
    OUR laser GURU IS coming and staying in our suite- that is just between us- tell MM the same shhhhhhhh
    howziggoing at the bullet factory?
    You ready to get a projector-??
    One spot left for a Linna rgb 500 that also does lumia- $510--very nice Pj--
    Hey, Just befriended you, so your my first! I have a question for ya. I'm thinking about getting a red laser from rayfoss (RF638-500mw-FWT) and I would like to know if it will be really visible at night. I don't know much about nm, I have a awful lot to learn! Thanks Much for your time,
    What is an ir filter?And why do they put them in lasers?Whats the diffrence between not having an ir filter in your laser?

    I keep seeing the "ir filter" term in laser companies and i dont know what it is.Help?
    thanks so much for your rep! You must be a nice man. So you deserve the rep i supply! Best wishes!
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