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  • Σου εστειλα pm Ευτυχη..οποια βοηθεια δεκτη φιλαρακο μου!
    Geia sou eytyxi!Xristos apo ellada edo1File mou eimai kainourgio melos kai tha eithela na matho polla edo mesa!
    Going to Miss you man. Hope to see you back very soon. You are a Great member and a better Friend.:beer: I will still be here when you do come back. See you Soon.:beer:

    Make sure to come back and you know if you ever need anything you can always Email me or Face book or whatever... You know me.;)

    LOL>. Now why would you say that.? I think you wrote the last sentence by mistake or used the wrong word in thinking it meant something else. But if it is correct dont be silly. I have done and given you some much for nothing that i dint do for many. You where one of my top friends on the forum and Hope to see you back. Dont forget Abbot me and I will still stay in touch with you.:) Dont hesitate to write me.:) You know my email pal....
    Dude that's one sexy laser you got there!!!!!
    Runtime must be great with these hosts.
    I LOVE IT !

    No it's not a pen ^_^
    It's in a host of my choise, wich as the builder said ''OMG'' :)
    WOW i want pic or review of your yellow laser! Sounds Sweet :D
    And no, it's not a arctic or krypton host :)
    Lol thanks for the rep eytyxhs.
    i got a very nice build on the way...
    It's a 1W+ (i think, is supprise ^_^) 405nm laser in a very nice and expensive host :D,
    Build by one of the top builders on this forum :shhh:
    We decided to delete all the threads in the "blackhole" (mods only) board
    All of my posts in that board went away :/
    I'll just have to reach 15K again ;)
    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ Ευτύχη. Δε μπορώ να περιγράψω πως νιώθω όταν βλέπω Έλληνες με τέτοια γνώση και ιστορία σε τέτοιο forum. Σίγουρα όλο και κάποιες απορίες θα μου λύσεις. Δε γίνεται να υπάρχει άνθρωπος που δε θα ήθελε βοήθεια σε γνώσεις από έναν "αρχαίο" (μόνο με την καλή την έννοια) όπως είσαι εσύ εδώ. Όπως βλέπω με βλέπω να μένω για πολύ στο forum αφού εδώ είναι η "πηγή". Σε ευχαριστώ πολυ.
    Όντως :). Ένας ακόμα δικός μας δεν είναι καθόλου κακό :) Άντε να μαζευόμαστε όλοι οι Έλληνες που έχουμε λίγο από την ίδια τρέλα εδώ σιγά-σιγά. :beer:
    300mw 650nm Red 50mW 532nm Green 150mW 450nm Blue Laser RGB Full Color Animation Laser Light DJ Equipment Auto Sound DMX512 ILDA PC Master Slave Stage Laser Light Projector Reke-500RGB
    Hi... thnx for the response on my page :)

    It's a cool laser indeed :D

    I also bought the G1 arctic (no smartswitch) today :D
    It's gone be polished (if budget allows it) and 405nm 800mW diode inside it :D
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