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  • there is a ti-b sitting in front of me and it is whispering your name-- waz up wit dat?? we ship word wide now ya know!


    what?/ now its saying 'tell him I can be had for a GB price too..."

    and.. tell him im 25 mW overspec-- too
    Great that you like it Len. Will do another one soon. LPF is a nice place to be!
    Plus twofor you for a great review.
    I hope you do another.
    Reviews like that are just too few,
    You treat us like a brother.
    your post I read- they are so neat,
    and your pics are very hard to beat!!

    Here was the message I got:
    You have been banned for the following reason:
    TJ dupe account - can't hide behind tor.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    Hehe, go figure. :na:
    Lol im ok now thanks ;). Ill ask daguin to remove it later i think he is a mod.

    I thought mind_ripper was legit dude. Didn't you even buy a 405 off of him last year?
    Thanks for the rep DJNY, have you contacted a mod yet? il try to get intouch with avery or something if not :D

    what goes around comes around so +1 to you :)
    I finally passed that Chuckdamn Mathematical Analysis II final (had to take it FOUR times, that's right... and yesterday was my last chance, I think only one guy besides me passed). Thankfully, Chuck was happy because it was his birthday, so he roundhouse kicked some teachers and then threatened to let me pass or suffer the hairy consequences.

    Indeed, yes, Chuck roundhouse kicked them before making the threat... just for kicks :D
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