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  • Please look info AlienLaser. Hes either mentally ill or just a kid sellling class 4 lasers.

    "its very funny i don't thing my paypal will close since i have over 100K purchases a month so this makes no sense, and in year over 8 million so you have no idea how you talking too well lets get back on track, i try to help people i dont make any profit you thing am making a profit but am not, not even a penny fraud fraud i dont see any fraud i i dont thing my paypal account will close i just purchased a diamond ring over 1million, am not the only one using this paypal account my cousin is using it two and hes in the swat team, and my sister works for the government. so just telling you you have no idea how you talking to i only help people in case tare need a build or if i have extra laser i purchase a laser for 300 and basically donate it to members i also give free lasers to some members "
    hey arg Jmillerdoc is having a issue with the website. He also can not remeber his password and would like it reset if possible his email is jmillerdoc@icloud.com
    Hey, Ive seen your <50$ lpm that im interested in. Would you make another one if anybody wanted to buy? And how much will you sell it for?
    Nice. Well if you ever get the time(eve is a pretty passive game) pm me and I will see if I can get you into our corporation(if you want).

    best regards,
    Hey AGR jus read your signature; you wouldn't happen to play the game eve online do you? Just saw the "rubicon" and "Isis." ;)
    Hi huge fan of yours I am truly amazed at what you have done and built. I am new to building lasers, though I have watched many online lectures on the inner working of them. I hope to one day do as much as you have, but before I start, I was wondering where you get the parts. I have looked everywhere online. I know you are probably thinking, "psht, amateur," but I really want to learn and be able to do this. Again huge fan, thanks in advance.
    It's an x-ray of my right arm. That's all the metal holding it and the bone grafts together after the accident. The "Snake Head" is what's holding the elbow together. Got some other pics if you are interested.
    hi! I would be interested in a dual 445nm diode build.... could you give me availability, pricing... ?

    1. Plot output from threshold up to spec current (standard handheld ambient temp)
    2. Plot wavelength from threshold up to spec current (standard handheld ambient temp) - overlay on to #1 plot
    3. Plot output up to the efficiency curve (standard handheld ambient temp)
    4. Plot wavelength up to the efficiency curve (standard handheld ambient temp) - overlay on to #3 plot
    5. Retest output to spec current to verify no damage (standard handheld ambient temp)
    6. Set the diode to the peak efficiency curve and plot the wavelength as heat is increased.
    6. Plot output till death (standard handheld ambient temp)

    Cold tests in there somewhere.
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