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  • hey im wondering if i can return my big boy laser for a lower price. i need money right now to get a new computer.
    Hey Lazeerer just wondering if you've been getting my messages about 532 and 635nm lasers. If you could just respond to those few messages that'd be great. :)


    Did you get that special collimination lens in for the Mitsui P73 LD yet ?? Just checking.

    Going to Miss you man. Hope to see you back very soon. You are a Great memeber and a better freind.:beer: I will still be here when you do come back. See you Soon.:beer:
    Thank you man for all! :) I'm leaving as said you. Everything, I learned from you those 2 years :) Also sorry if sometimes I make you feel hatred for me :) see ya :beer:

    Best Member Ever :beer:

    You just bought it 2 days ago.LOL Please re read our Private messages. I told you it will take 7 days to get ou tto you. THen you wanted it polished. I told you that is at mininium an Aditional 5 days on top that.

    Please be patient. It has been 2 days and i know you are excited but you have to be patient.

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