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  • Hi there,

    It took about a week and half for the laser(s) to arrive to me..
    Alway's pritty fast!

    Maybe you could contact Frank from Dragonlasers and ask him the status.
    His e-mail is frank@dragonlasers.com

    Greetings, Smeerworst
    The trip from China is EXTREMELY variable. Add to that the potential for a laser being detained at the border and you have almost no way to predict delivery. I had a laser sit in US customs for three weeks once before it was released for delivery. did they provide you with any sort of tracking number?
    Any time, and ya, I wouldn't buy from WL after everything I've heard....it may be just the Arctic but I prefer for the company to have a clean record. If you need anything else, feel free to PM me
    I actually love it! I haven't tried underwater yet, mainly because I am not sure if I am supposed to tighten down the focus completely or not, but it burns like a champ when you focus it! I can punch holes in cd cases in less than 5 seconds. Beam is visible at night from the holder's viewpoint. It is very sturdy as well. Pops balloons instantaneously. It is my first high powered laser but I definitely recommend it! Fairly bright dot, I am not sure about its divergence, nor do I know how to check...I think that covers everything, if you have a question I didn't answer, let me know and I'll get back to you.
    I'm pretty sure they are trusted, since as I remember correctly alot of people bought from them lasers.
    If you visit any subforum you will notice above threads there is a button "NEW THREAD", so in order to ask a question (by making a new thread) you need to click this button and fill up necessary data (thread name and text).
    Wicked Lasers is pretty good about disguising their packages to be able to get them through customs
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