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  • Hey blord :)
    ive bought a laser from you back in 2014, it has given me lots of great times, i does not work anymore is it possible that i send it to you and ofc give you a payment for fixing it? best regards
    hey! I heard that you're a trusted seller from this laser forum community and I was wondering if I could buy a 520nm 55mW Skylaser PL520 from you? I'm from Australia, and does that mean it has to be shipped into 2 packages?
    Hi Blord,

    I had purchased a 2.4+ Watt 445nm laser in 501B casing with G2 lens and the bigger 9mm diode with two 18350 batteries a few years back. I'm having issues with my laser, it doesn't seem as powerful anymore. At first I thought it was a battery problem but the new batteries I purchased didn't do the trick. Is there anything you can do about this? Thank you!
    Hi Blord,

    Seeing that you are from Belgium - not sure if you talk Dutch or French.
    Wondering if you have some sales going on some lasers. I need one for killing aptaisia in my reef tank. This pest is taking over my tank fast and i need to act!
    The strength needs to be 3000mW atleast.
    I'm from Belgium as well.

    Please let me know!

    Thanks and rgds,

    Blord i really need some help my laser stopped working and i would ask you if it was possible for you to fix it? bought it from you for about 2 years ago it is 2,6w blue laser in copper heatsink
    Hi Blord . I'm interested in a 445nm laser and wondered what you might have available . I live in the UK so was hoping that it might be an easier process sourcing one from you than half way around the globe. Thanks .
    Steve .
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