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501B BDR-209 16X 405nm 630mW @.52Ag lens
Host by Ehgemus NUBM44 450nm 6.8W @4.5A g lens
Host by Ehgemus M462 462nm 1.5W @1.2A g lens
Dominator NUBM07E 465nm 4.3W @3.5A g lens
L2P Nichi@ NDG4216 515nm 110mW @ .35A
501B by Blord osr@m PL520 520nm 95mW @.3A g lens
PL-E pro from Jetlasers nichi@ NDG7475 520nm 980mW, 730mW w/ 10X BE

Lasermax Genesis sight 532nm 5mW
RPL from Optotronics 532nm 450mW

Spartan from Dragonlasers 589nm 50mW
501B HL63133DG 638nm 210mW @.3A g lens
501B Ocl@ro HL63193MG 638nm 960mW @1.3A g lens

501B by Blord LPC 826 660nm 325mW @?A g lens
PL660 from Laserbtb 660nm 1020mW

DL matrix and fan transmission gratings

laser powers in sig are about 20 seconds into duty cycle, not peak powers


(I guess I am a vet now)


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