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  • Why would I bother with some nice PM, when you subsequently defended the erroneous and dangerous information in your original post -- this after "clarifying" it to begin with? It would have done no good, and now people will know what is bad information that they should not follow, and the reasons it is bad.

    That the person "seems" safe is completely besides the point that the information you provided is false, harmful information. This is about fundamentals, not anecdotes, and not hand-wavy "seems safe" nonsense. The message is clear: those lasers at those power levels are clearly unsafe in the conditions that you're touting as safe (direct hit to the eye, reflection off shiny surfaces, etc.).

    I invite anyone and everyone to go read the posts and decide for themselves exactly what was said, and how problematic the information that was provided is.
    Hell, all of that could have been avoided if you would have sent me a pm in the first place saying "hey, 20mw is not much power, but given certain circumstances, can still cause damage to the eye", and I would have edited my post, and all would have been peachy. But instead, you took it upon yourself to make some nice big caps calling me an idiot. I dont care that you have been here since 2007, if anything you should know better
    The point of my posts was to tell him he would be o.k. if the laser was a little over 5mw- I said this twice, but you obciously dont know how to read, so I will post it here.

    The guy seems safety-aware in every way. He was worried about the diode being overpower, and that it may be dangerous. I was simply reassuring him that even if it is, it wont be some instant blinding weapon. And it WONT. look at post 8. nowhere did I say "lasers are safe to stare into", or "yea mam stare into that laser you will fine". I said he, HIMSELF, will be OK, since he is obviously SAFE with lasers. Thats the third or fourth time I have said it now. Maybe you will finally read it?

    And saying "my anecdotes are useless" is pretty bullheaded thing to say. I was giving a true example, and not only that, but with something double the power (and some IR) of what he was worried about.

    "Necropost"? Have you ever read an old book, or was it of "necro" value by the time you discovered it? :D
    Hi Bionic-Badger is there some thread you might know about where it tells you how to use LPF better. Thanks
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