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  • Glad to see you are still around! We miss you and your input and it would be great to see you posting again! Ignore ironic, I mean who is he anyway...;) Dragons still doing well...:) :beer:
    Most people like to give little nudges trying to point you in the right direction.

    Then there are people like me, who like to bounce your head off the wall and say "Do you understand now?" LOL

    I'm sure you'll do fine. :beer:
    If you have no life, then spend your time reading instead of posting. Then you will be able to help people, and have your posts actually contribute to the forum, instead of taking up space. Nobody respects a person who agrees, or gives praise to them all the time. The way you get respect is to have the knowledge to add an opinion to a discussion. When you post next time, think to yourself if your post contributes something new to the subject. If it doesnt, then dont post. Its that simple. Post count means nothing here, its all in what you post that will bring you respect here. In real life too. Good luck.
    You sir have won the Most Useless Posts award. This award is given to post whores, a$$ kissers, and wannabes.

    In just over a month you have accumulated just under one thousand posts. 98% of said posts contain no useful information at all. I applaud your outright gall sir. I have yet to see a member who spreads such utter uselessness as you, and at the rate you do it.

    Congratulations!!! You make the forum proud sir.

    I only finished my Phd last year. I wasn't always a... um... stand up citizen. :yh:
    Lol, mostly I do a lot of reading and researching. If something piques my interest or if I come upon something I don't know or don't understand I have a compulsatory drive to learn about it. Also my IQ is four standard deviations above normal last time I was professionally tested (157-163), so that doesn't hurt either lol.
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