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  • isaac..i have a spartain 1000mW laser that i bought about 3 weeks ago and the beam is not straight,,, it comes out at about a 15° angle,, I'm assuming the diode is in crooked,,, I read where you've modified these and was wondering if I could have you fix it for me,, or build me a host around the guts from this particular laser.. I can pay you what you feel your time is worth.. Please let me know.. I don't have a clue when it comes to these type of components and would really have a professional mess with it instead of me starting to Tear into this thing..thanks..joseph..
    Thanks more then I can express thru a forum for everything. You kno what im talkin about. Ive met alot of awesome people on LPF but you deserve some special recognition. Once again thank you amd that is all.
    thanks for the posts in LSLF have you gotten emails about all the new posts there/?

    Man is was so cold in Austin my Brain was just not running on all eight cylinders.
    Everything was happening so fast- sorry I did not call-- KGB comes back to Austin in 2014 and I may be able to run back up there AND it may work out that KGB will need one or two to help do the set up and take down- I was told too late this was the case when I was there-- KGB stand in roadies make $100 in cash and THAT makes driving that far very attrctive--even if it means working five hours before show time (9PM)
    and three hours after (show ends at 2AM) that eight hours of work- and a tax free $100 and seeing the show for free too!!

    I think Laserface George (san Antonio) and Agent C casey (temple) can come to Auastin anytime we can hold the second meeting- I was unsure if it was OK to invite more people to come to Scotts house- but now that I have met all these members It cool-- You really need to also meet Rod- he is a great person to know... Len
    check your rep BTW
    Hopefully to meet you- and from San Antonio George (GHoffman) coming overe from Temple Casey Agent C and his laser friends- sat nite there may be a party at Casey's friend place (a potential location for a LEM in the spring outdoors!) Friday I meet yup with the KGB crew at republic Live 5th street KGB has a apint party show and my new used Projectors will be on the tour bus for me to grab and bring bak home- oaid a while back but no $$ for shipping them from new ORLEANS - I M staying at Rodmans-
    may be in austin until late sunday even tho tthe wether looks chitty- PM me a phone number and i will call you this weekend- maybe i can do ademo for you of some projectors I am bringing and Quick Show- its instant fun-- I have GB #4 closing in a week- not too late to get yers self a nice littel kit- see my thread for details

    are you at Moonies on the 6th? do they serve 'drinks'??
    a few have mentioned getting together before and/or after the show-there could even be a mini LEM while i am there-
    I will be afaik in austin for onw day but maybe more--Dec 6th
    KGB is doiing 'Snowglow' that night= so i can snag my new used PJs from the bus- will very likely see rodman- as well as a few others forum members both LPF and P--L==
    hope to discuss TEXLEM 2014 Houston and look at doing one soon in Austin too--
    Hi WBS,
    Once you give the ok to send you funds you will have mine the next day , thanks again
    Hey was reading an old thread and saw you needed a way to tell smartphone callers that your driving and not ignoring them. Get an app called Tasker. It's a phone automation app. When a call is missed and you create this function, you can have it immediately text the caller with whatever message you want. Driving sleeping etc. It can also do things like turn your phone off silent by texting it from another phone specific message of your choice. TASKER hope it helps. I personally love it
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