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405nm S06J, 675mW Krtyton Groove-Polished
The Bastard:445nm, 2W M-140 UF KF-T60
445nm, 9mm, 3.2W Kryton Groove-Polished
450nm Osram PL450B, 130mW, Kryton Groove-Polished
La Spada Verdi: 1st Ever PL520 MS-SSW 115mW
532nm, 100mW, Taped to Sanyo 18650/3100mAh
638nm Opnext, 160mW, Kryton Groove-Polished
650nm LPC-826, 360mW, MXDL Host Kit by Mrcrouse
650nm <5mW Laser Pointer/UV LED/LED flashlight NEBO 5063

5W Ophir 20C-A-1Y LPM