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  • Hi Dave,

    Just recently got back to LPF and was wondering if you were still a fixture here so I did a little search an VIOLA!
    Glad to see your tired old bones are still helping us newbies (my BD is 02/12/1955).

    I purchased a BR pointer (455?) from you a few years ago and it's still in my grubby little hands because it's just that cool.

    Your Pal,
    Hi Dave. I'm in the saltwater reef aquarium hobby and heard a laser can burn pest anemone. I bought one from someone on the forum but it's burn time was low and it took so long to burn that I gave up. Can you help me find the right laser. I'm going through 3/4" aquarium glass and 6" to 24" of saltwater. It should burn the pest anemone in 3 to 5 seconds. My last one took 2 minutes. Thanks for your help. Eddie - Cincininati, Ohio USA
    I'd like to order your copper heatsink and flex dive from you. I have placed an order with you a while ago.

    Hey! How you doing? I have a question for you. I'm wanting to sell a sci fi smp 445nm 3 watt i recently purchased from forum member trussmonkey25 on the buy, sell, trade part of the forum. I have 20 posts and a green reputation bar, just wondering if it will be approved. I'm wanting to donate $10 of the proceeds to the forum. I purchased the laser for $160 and only used it for a few minutes. Would you approve if I put it back on there for $150? Thanks
    Hi daguin, its been a long time since ive been to this site and im wondering what completed lasers you build. What im specifically looking for is a 650 nm 200mw+- focusable with some water resistance. Good heatsinking for 2 minute duty cycle. Power from 2 cr123 primaries. Use will be to defocus to a 5 to 8 foot wide spot at 100 to 150 yards for coyote culling.
    What's up, Dave - Why didn't You TELL me we had 1-4w (or even 5w) diodes now in REAL colors, hahahahaha .... Still have the Kryton, the diode died but I'm either boring it to 12mm (looks like that's the easy out now) or just reusing the old Flex and netting 600-ish out of a 460-ish diode ...

    AGAIN - Really? Blue Diodes? Almost Green Diodes? I wasn't properly prepared, hahahaha ... I'm thinking Glasses (and not cheap ones, but good ones at a decent price) are going to be a prerequisite for the forum, regardless of who bought them and from where - is safety even an issue anymore ?!?!?!

    Miss all of You guys, seriously - might stick around again, this stuff has always been fun.
    Hi Dave! We would like to send a trusted member one of our lasers for testing and review and you have been recommended to us. If you are interested, please let us know where you would like us to send the laser.

    Thank you!

    Gamma Lasers
    Hey Dave, I had purchased that case of Kryton builds from you last September and I was wondering what the output was for each of those lasers. I had them written down but I can't find that paper. I know there was quite a range of power between all of them, just wanted to know specific specs since I don't have a Laserbee for myself...yet. Thanks!
    what do you do about negative posts on threads you started i mean I can handle some but some are just being rude
    Hey Dave! You said the laser would be done this week. Hate to nag you but this is an emergency. I really need the laser ASAP. Xenia hit critical mass weeks ago. It's life or death. I've moved specimens when at all possible but there is no where left to move now. Every day weakens the surviving specimens. I know you are a busy man but please. Outsource if you need to. Ill pay whatever. But every day counts. Please hurry.
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