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  • Hi...I see ure in the US and seem to be very knowledgable. Can u assist me with some advice. I'm looking for a 100mw green laser with 5 heads to light up the sky..don't care for match burning...but bonus if it does it. Is there any place to get these in the US...I'm hoping to get one in a week or so...and I don't think china is an option for me. Also, perhaps I can get a used one...but not sure where to start looking.

    Thanks in advance for any advice u may have...I'm in California.
    Hello sir, I live in New Albany and I am got a 2w laser from lucklaser.com. It seems to work well, but then again I've only had a 200mw laser. I wanted to see if maybe we could work something out so maybe you could use your lpm and test my laser for me.
    Hey J-- Take a pic of your JETLASERS laser and use it for your avatar.

    Also- check your rep- right above this box to the right of 'contact info' ^^
    click the >> and your rep page will come up' there you can see who has repped you- and go give them a rep back. Red reps are Negs== green are POs and they count- blue means new and they dont count just yet.
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