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  • Jeff, email me back, I need a favor with host machining.

    I hope your wife and family are well. Mitch

    Get back to me. I'm hoping you have a 7W 450nm diode.. We can trade as I still have drivers, Plenty of electronics crap and Laser stuff..

    Either way, let me know how you are doing.

    What lazeerer drivers do you have left? Also do you have any contact boards? I'll take whatever you got.
    Sorry I've been very busy with work and life. I can't remember for sure by now but it was one of your kits that included the 9mm set...by now honestly I don't remember...I think it was around $30....let me know. Thank you for getting back to me
    do you ever answer your phone??
    left mssgs,

    PMing my address--send me something.
    Hey... I'm in Georgia. Divorce and lots of medical issues. I still have same email..
    Hey pyro, it's been a while since I was active on the forums. I wanted to let you know I ordered one of your diode press sets about a month ago. I haven't received them yet. I placed my order through PayPal. I'd appreciate it if you could look into it.
    532 with envy
    Dear i want to buy a full set 6 everything press and extracted diode! Did you have in stock them?
    would you be interested in building me a pair of 638 twins with 18650 batteries and focus knobs?
    give me price on a single and a pair.ty.
    Hey pyro, I was very happy with you 5.6mm diode press.
    I'd love to buy the 3.8mm and 9mm version of those and while im at it also would like to buy your 3.8mm and 5.6mm and 9mm extractors.
    Do you still sell them?
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