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  • well I'm still waiting for those damn pens with DX logo lol
    $1.50 - Plastic Ball Point Pens with DX Logo - Dark Blue (2-Pen) - Stationery
    yeah I bought XML light from DX on 1/16/20011 and it still hasn't been shipped :(
    Hey I was just curious where you got your heatsinks for the "Micro Labby" I'm working on my first build and am getting to the point where I want to start considering a proper host and I really think your "Micro labby" design would be a great fit!
    Thanks for the link. I now have a 40mW "enclosed" HeNe and a 50mW "exposed" Hene. I just got my first surplus, 45mW HeCd running :D
    Heh, I try to help out whenever I can.

    Hope it all turns out well, and show us some pics of your setup when you're done :D
    If you mean for the initial step, yes ..... I mean, it convert the initial "step" of an "on" switching in a curve (not a ramp, anyway, it's not enough an inductor for get a ramp) ..... but remember that the inductor needs also to hold all the current of the LD, being in serie with it ..... if you want to obtain a relatively long "curve" shape in the initial crrent, you need a lot of inductance (don't know how much you want the curve shape, but, if you need it slow, can say, 1 or 2 Henry ?) ..... and if you use it for, as example, a 445nm diode at 1,5A, the inductor need to hold the same current too, better something more ..... lets say 2A ..... a 2 Henry 2A inductor is not exactly small ..... don't think you can put some kilograms of inductor in an handheld host ;)
    Well, for DC voltage, inductors are like a piece of wire ..... they don't stabilize the current, in fact, so no, sorry, it's not possible ..... anyway, they "flatten" spikes, this yes, so at least they can be useful for this, connected in series with LDs .....
    No, I don't know an ETA. I'm ordering some drivers too but won't be confirming payment until the end of the weekend at the latest so I wouldn't expect my name to appear just now anyway. I had a PM confirming that 2 sets would be reserved so I guess I am, "on the list", but more than that I can't say. I wouldn't think a man of Dr.Lava's calibre would be taking orders unless he had the parts though so it's probably just an admin thing if you're name's not there. I'd give it a couple of days and then get in touch. I certainly wouldn't be worried though. I hope that allays any fears?
    I think they are both from the 130. the first one is from mariomaster and the second came from the EF group buy number 3.
    he was a "red sided garter snake" (Thamnophis Sirtalis Parietalis) 2 years old, just reached adulthood.

    Some bizarre neurological problem, went into seizures and died within 1/2 hour. (Not even enough time to get to a vet)

    I have so many snakes, that deaths are inevitable from time to time. It still sucks when it happens.

    Thank you very much Meatball.
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