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  • kidden about what? if youre talkin about how to cheat on laser cert test,..of course its a joke i even stated it in that tread. Is this what you are refering to?
    Thanks. I think Im done with lasers though..As cool as they are, I lack the mechanical inclination/ability to adequately channel my creativity. Since before I have even joined this site, I had visions of these cool Steampunk style 405nm lasers that I want to build, but I just don't have the means or patience. So bleh. Will probably try and sell whatever parts and safety gear I have left up on the trading post. Take it easy, mate.
    And then, worst of all, Kipkay will pick you up and make a video about you being a 532nm diode.

    Then he'll masturbate on you. That's what he does with all his builds in the end.
    I've seen you messing with my woman!! Time to teach you a lesson you won't forget in a hurry!

    /me pot mods goninan_bl00d


    Glad we've cleared that up. Anyway, keep the PHR sleds coming. I'm sure Chez will be up for some more.

    Btw, know of any reason why the "View conversation" isn't there on the post from goninanbl00d?
    Possibly just a little bit.. lol.

    But as should be MORE than clear by now.. I just don't care. They can ban me from PL, but I can still get my message across through other channels whenever that little clique of certain members over there act like a bunch of douchebags. It sould be obvious to them that winning their friendship by is not a real concern of mine.
    I know.. but they don't like me too much over there. We have a history.. it's bullshit, but not really surprising..

    Thanks for the kind words though.. they are appreciated.
    Gah! I can't rep you again! Anyways, thanks for the FET mounting suggestion! I think I'm going to go ahead and put them underneath the PCB, and face the heatsinks towards each other so I can force air past them. Peace!
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