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  1. Meatball

    If anyone's packages are late/broken....

    Fed Ex has a good reputation for hiring good drivers last I heard. But its bound to happen more often than we care to think about.
  2. Meatball

    Has anyone here used a laser to do a double slit experiment?

    Well there's the problem. People. Heh.
  3. Meatball

    High current bench power supply

    Do you have any AC coupled scope measurements on the voltage rail noise? To add CC, one could use the expanded LM317 with any number of pass-bank transistors. Just don't expect fine resolution adjustment on the order of mAs. Plus the output current would be temperature sensitive. Cold start...
  4. Meatball

    FlexMod P3 Replacement?

    I suppose the op-amp and current sources inside an LM317 were not at all meant for fast feedback changes. One could instead look at using a discreetly built LM317, but then you'd have to deal with using matched transistors for the 3 current sources within. Otherwise, the voltage reference within...
  5. Meatball

    561nm crystals

    That's a very large YAG. The user who knows what they're doing will aim to design a simple side diode pumped z-fold cavity for it. This will require wide diode bar array. The users with fiber coupled 808s and 880s would be able to find appropriate optics for end pumping rather quickly however...
  6. Meatball

    Would anyone be willing to give me a couple minutes of help with a circuit?

    RHD, You've got to get your gate voltage, and load current on a scope to check things out. Even something like a cheap switch that "switches" poorly can allow sloppy and damaging di/dt into the gate. Do you have a picture of your setup? My first guess could be that there is possible (but...
  7. Meatball

    SSY 1's Recently?

    Mike, have you ever been able to ionize metal surfaces with the SSY-1? You know, focus it down onto a metal surface - make a nice spark that "pops" loudly into the air?
  8. Meatball

    New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode (NDG7475T)

    Re: New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode Are those facet dimensions? If they are, the ratio from reds (7/35) ~= the ratio from greens (11/46). I would expect divergence very similar to that of the red diode.
  9. Meatball

    helium neon laser DC power

    You'll need to post a few pictures of your PSU at this point. Be sureto include a picture of the specs on the sticker, and a clear view of all wires. Its really a very straight forward connection. I just want to be sure that you have the hardware you think you have. Here are a couple options...
  10. Meatball

    Scumbag police in usa kill dog

    Sorry IE. I just do not like NYC. Too many damn people. Police here have only been professional and polite to me. What would make NYPD act any different?
  11. Meatball

    BMW to develop Laser Headlights

    It helps when you've got the xenons to see by. Nothing bothers you anymore. But seriously, its all in the optics. Xenons in a halogen reflector while mis-aim your beams. Xenons or halogens in a proper projector housing- and all is good. If these phosphor based beams are going to be nice and...
  12. Meatball

    helium neon laser DC power

    For 12VDC in, a 12V wall wart is just fine. I tend to use recycled ATX supplies modded for the job.
  13. Meatball

    Testing a High-Output Driver PCB

    Knowing its an LED driver, you can reasonably suspect it can drop ~3 V on the output. In this case, I would wire 8 1ohm 10W resistors all in a single parallel line. Then at say 12A out of the multimeter, a total of 1.5V is dropped by the huge resistor, and each 1ohm unit sinks 1.5A. This puts...
  14. Meatball

    SFG experiment

    Perhaps to induce lasing action in the secondary crystal, while being able to control the line dominance ratio within the cavity. Need a proper line power ratio to achieve an optimized SFG on a specific line? Can't find the proper coatings on all the optics that you'll need? Maybe it could...
  15. Meatball

    670-690nm 500mW To3 TEC cooled Diode

    Remember, depending on the humidity - condensation will appear on surfaces well above 0ºC. Just pull a cold drink from the fridge, and the moisture will collect on the surface in a matter of minutes.. Leo - this might have to be one of those things found by good 'ol experimentation. Get a cheap...